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a large grey rat resting on the roof top of a river oak texas home during a sunny summer day

River Oak Residents Most Common Complaints About Rodents

People often ask us if they should be concerned about rodents in their homes. We always give them the same answer. Yes. As common home-invading pests go, rodents are amongst the worst there are. Most pests are either destructive, dangerous or just a nuisance, rodents, on the other hand, are all of the above. Read More >

mouse found living room

Signs Of Rodent Activity

Don’t you just love the cute little rodents on television? Adorable mice with little pink noses that steal cheese in desperation to feed their family, or singing chipmunks with tons of personality. But in real life, once they are inside your home they can cause a lot of damage and make you, your family and your pets sick. Even though they are just looking for a place to stay warm, as well as… Read More >

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