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Don't Let Their Face Fool You; Raccoons In Houston Are Dangerous

"Aww. Look at the adorable animals wobbling around the backyard! Their little masked faces are so cute! And their tiny little hands look just like human hands!" Though these statements may be true, and you may agree that raccoons are adorable, this does not mean that they aren't dangerous. Let's take a look at what these creatures are, the troubles they bring, and how to safely have them remove...

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How To Tell If Wildlife Got Into Your Houston Home This Winter

While wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, and bats are an essential part of your local ecosystem, they make much better neighbors than roommates. Wildlife infestations bring all sorts of problems with them: damaging property, contaminating food, spreading disease, and even directly harming humans and pets in the home....

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What To Do If Wildlife Invades Your Home

There are many animals that can become a problem when they come into your yard or, worse, find a way to get into your home. If you're hearing pests that go bump in the night, there are some things you should know....

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