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Reliable Pest Control Services For Briarforest, TX Home & Business Owners

Briarforest, a neighborhood in Houston, Texas is a place where many families and young professionals have chosen to call home. This eclectic neighborhood offers a fast-paced urban vibe, great schools, parks, and many local coffee shops, restaurants, and more to enjoy. To protect this fun neighborhood’s homes and businesses from the many pests that also live in Harris County, the Texas pest professionals at Modern Pest Control offer a variety of eco-friendly, advanced pest control services. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the pests that live in Texas and how to eliminate them using the latest technology and industry-leading pest control measures. Begin protecting your Briarforest residential or commercial property from pests by giving Modern Pest Control a call today to learn about our comprehensive pest control programs.

Residential Pest Control In Briarforest, TX

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Taking the time, money, and energy to eliminate pests from your Briarforest home is probably not something you want to add to your already busy schedule. The easiest and most effective way to eliminate pests from your home and prevent their return is to partner with Modern Pest Control. We can put into place one of our year-round home pest control services to protect your home and family from pests throughout the entire year. We offer three year-round services for our homeowner to choose from. Our Modern Plus service provides treatment for your home, garage, and the immediate perimeter, providing protection against common household pests. It also includes exterior cobweb removal (under 12 feet), rodent monitoring in your attic (inspection only), and yard treatments to target fire ants and fleas. Our other two quality options are detailed below:

  • Signature Service: Through this service, you receive the same protection in our Modern Plus Service along with highly effective termite control featuring the Sentricon System with Always Active technology.

  • Signature Plus Service: Through this service, you receive the same protection for pests and termites found in the Signature Service, along with monthly mosquito treatments from April through October.

To learn more about protecting your Briarforest home from common household invading pests, call Modern Pest Control today to speak with one of our friendly and helpful experts.

How To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Briarforest, TX

The two best things that you can do to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes on your Briarforest property is to eliminate any standing water (where females lay their eggs) and to partner with the mosquito control experts at Modern Pest Control. At Modern we provide seasonal mosquito control services from April thru October, when mosquitoes are most active in Texas. While there is no way to completely eliminate mosquito populations, our mosquito control services can greatly reduce their numbers, making your yard an enjoyable place to hang out with family, friends, and pets. Our professionals control mosquito numbers with the latest products and technology, reducing adult mosquito populations and stopping mosquito larvae from hatching into new biting adults. In addition, if you are looking for year-round protection against mosquitoes we can help you accomplish this with the Mistaway System. The Mistaway System is a long-term mosquito management system; it is discrete and is programmable to help meet seasonal demands. To learn more about our professional mosquito control options, give Modern Pest Control a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Briarforest, TX

Today with the internet and more specifically social media at almost everyone’s fingertips, just one customer spotting a single pest inside your Briarforest commercial property could spell disaster for your business’s reputation. All it takes is one bad review to affect your bottom-line. To protect your business and its reputation from pests, Modern has custom-tailored plans to meet the needs of businesses, industry regulations, and corporate policies. To help us stay ahead of the latest regulations and pest control methods we work closely with many organizations like BOMA, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Greater Houston Restaurant Association. To help guard your commercial facility against pests, our licensed pest control technicians can:

  • Perform a visual inspection of your business and property.

  • Design a treatment and prevention plan, specific to your business.

  • Recommend changes in and around your facility to address sanitation issues or suggest physical alterations to help prevent pests from being attracted to your facility and from being able to enter inside.

  • Install pest-monitoring devices to help keep your commercial property free of pests.

Give us a call today, to get started protecting your Briarforest commercial property from reputation-damaging pests.

Why Briarforest, TX Residents Need Year-Round Termite Control

The answer to the above question is simple; because, in our area of Texas, termites are active throughout the entire year. If termites find their way into your home to feed on its structural wood, they have the potential to create extensive damage that is expensive to repair. The bottom line is, termites never stop working so neither should your termite protection. To protect your Briarforest home from termites, we offer termite control services that include inspection, the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, and ongoing termite protection. The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ is a highly recommended solution to any termite infestation which quickly and completely eliminates current termite populations in an eco-friendly manner. It then remains in place to prevent future populations from establishing themselves on your property or in your home. By partnering with Modern Pest Control, we can work together to keep damaging termites out of your home. To learn more about Sentricon® with Always Active™, get in touch with us today. We would be happy to go over the details with you!


A Handy Ant Control Guide For Briarforest Homeowners

When you have ant problems on your Briarforest property, these invasive pests can create serious problems for your home and family. Unfortunately, ants can be resourceful and numerous both in the yard and in the home. When ants invade your yard, they can create serious health concerns due to their multiple painful stings, often leading to anaphylactic shock.

In your home, ants will actually spread dangerous bacteria, causing an even greater health concern. That's why reducing ant attraction to your property is essential to maintaining a safe environment. Try the following tips to reduce your chances of a dangerous ant infestation:

  1. Clean regularly to avoid loose crumbs.

  2. Store food and trash properly.

  3. Maintain the lawn regularly.

  4. Reduce moisture problems throughout the property.

  5. Partner with the professionals at the first sign of a problem.

Even though you can reduce ant attraction to your property, it can be challenging to get rid of them on your own. That's why Modern Pest Control provides thorough ant control solutions in the Briarforest area. Give us a call to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.


How To Stop Cockroach Infestations Before They Happen In Briarforest

Cockroach infestations can be dangerous, but they can also be challenging to stop. Cockroaches have flexible outer shells that allow them to squeeze through the cracks and crevices around your home, so you might not be able to keep them out if they want to get in. Unfortunately, since cockroaches spread dangerous bacteria throughout your meal preparation areas and stored food, preventing an infestation needs to be one of your top pest control priorities. Here are some things you can do to reduce your chances of a dangerous cockroach problem:

  1. Store your food and trash promptly and properly.
  2. Maintain the lawn regularly.
  3. Limit moisture problems throughout the home and yard.
  4. Declutter the low traffic areas of the home.
  5. Clean regularly to avoid even the slightest amount of loose crumbs.
  6. Never leave food or dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
  7. Keep an eye out for cockroaches during the day.

Since cockroaches are afraid of humans and light, noticing one or two during the day could be an indication of a serious problem hiding within your walls. That's why you should get professional help at the first sign of an issue. Give us a call today to partner with one of our Modern Pest Control residential experts.


How To Minimize Mosquito Risks In Briarforest

When you have mosquitoes on your Briarforest property, you could be putting your family at risk every time you go outside. While many people think that mosquitoes are just another nuisance on their properties, mosquitoes are actually some of the most dangerous pests in the world. These invasive pests will transmit harmful illnesses from bite victim to bite victim, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, and yellow fever.

If you want to limit your risk of a mosquito infestation, then you'll need to limit standing water around the property. If mosquitoes breed in any form of standing water, such as water collected after rainstorms in flowerpots, wheelbarrows, low spots in the yard, and many other potential sites, the breeding cycle will be hard to break on your own.

If you do incur a mosquito problem, you can get rid of it quickly by partnering with Modern Pest Control. Our mosquito experts will treat standing water with professional-grade larvicide and treat the high traffic areas of your yard with mosquito-reducing misting sprays. Don't put your family in danger when there are high-quality mosquito control solutions; just a call away. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.


Where Are Briarforest Rodents Likely To Hide?

Rodents in the Briarforest area can be invasive, destructive, and dangerous. That's why it's important to know when you have a serious infestation. Since rodents have sharp teeth and flexible bodies, they can find their way into your home whenever they want to. They can also avoid detection by hiding in the low-traffic, cluttered areas of your home. Typically, rodents will nest within your walls, in your attic, in the basement, or your garage areas.

If you begin to see signs of rodents, such as chewed-up items, rodent droppings in the corners of the rooms, or the actual rodents themselves, you should get professional help immediately. While you can do things to reduce rodent attraction to your property, there is almost nothing you can do to keep pace with a robust infestation. Rodents reproduce rapidly within your walls, so your store-bought traps and poison probably won't be able to keep up.

At Modern Pest Control, we provide thorough rodent inspections to get to the root of your problems and eradicate them. Don't put your home and family in danger any longer when there are affordable, effective rodent control solutions right down the road. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.


How To Stop Wildlife From Invading Your Property In Briarforest

Within the Briarforest, Texas neighborhood, residents and visitors enjoy access to outstanding opportunities for entertainment and recreation. With plenty of trails for joggers and mountain bikers, plenty is happening for enthusiastic exercisers to get in their morning or afternoon workouts. Along the way, it is not uncommon to encounter a variety of local wildlife, such as coyotes and raccoons. These wild animals want nothing more than to be left alone in their natural environments, but they become problematic when they find their way onto our properties.

Wildlife can become aggressive and unpredictable when approached. Therefore, hiring a trained wildlife expert is the best and safest method of nuisance wildlife removal. Modern Pest Control offers wildlife control in Briarforest to keep these critters away from your home. Our guaranteed wildlife trapping and exclusion services will protect your home for good. Call now to learn more!


Will Pest Control Get Rid Of Briarforest Bees?

Bees are stinging insects you don’t want in your home or your family. If you’re wondering how to control bees in your yard or seeking the best bee pest control near you, look no further than Modern Pest Control. We offer bee control services in Briarforest and the greater Houston area that is guaranteed to remove the bees from your property and eliminate their health and safety risks. Because we recognize the environmental benefits of bees, we prefer to remove them alive. To this end, Modern Pest Control works with local beekeepers to transport live bees to their facilities whenever possible. Contact us today to find out how to control honey bees on your property.


Benefits Of Professional Weed Control For Briarforest Lawns

Owning a home is a significant investment that requires a lot of care and hard work. One of the most significant pieces of this process is maintaining your lawn. Keeping your grass green and healthy can be challenging, but the job becomes much more difficult when you contend with weeds. Finding weeds in your lawn can be problematic for several reasons:

  • Weeds can be unsightly when emerging on your lawn.
  • Weeds may grow into the space of other grass and plants, preventing healthy growth.
  • Weeds use up necessary resources from other plants.

To keep your lawn weed-free, consult with the experts at Modern Pest Control. We offer professional weed control treatments to keep your grass looking its best!


Tips For Keeping Birds Away From Your Commercial Facility In Briarforest

When you think of birds, it may be tough to imagine them being such a threat. The truth is, pest birds can be a significant problem for businesses in Briarforest. Their feces not only creates eyesore on your grounds but also becomes a slip hazard for anybody in the area. Additionally, they are known to spread many bacteria on contact. Bird control is a must!

Use the following bird control methods to keep pigeons and other nuisance birds away from your commercial property:

  • Install bird spikes and other proven bird control devices.
  • Make your building less attractive to pest birds.
  • Place flags that move in the wind to scare them off.
  • Use aluminum foils or silver reflective tape to deter them from nesting on your property.

Even with these prevention tips in mind, nuisance birds can be difficult to get rid of completely. Modern Pest Control is the right choice for the job if you need effective bird control near you. We offer practical solutions for pigeons and other pest birds in Briarforest, TX. Don’t let pest birds take over your property; contact Modern Pest Control today!


How Can I Tell If I Have A Flea Infestation In My Briarforest Home?

If you see certain signs around your house, you may be dealing with a flea infestation in Briarforest. By knowing what to look out for, you can identify your pest problem sooner. Any of the following signs or a combination thereof can indicate the presence of fleas.

It’s possible to see these little insects themselves, though it’s very difficult due to their minuscule size. While their feces are also small, they can be easier to catch visually. They’ll look like small, dark specks, and can typically be found on pet bedding or in carpets.

If you or your pets are getting flea bites, you’ll know that they’re the culprits. These small red bumps are usually accompanied by itching. You may notice that your pets are losing their fur or grooming themselves more than usual if they’re dealing with these bites.

Once you have an idea of what the problem is, it’s time to call on Modern Pest Control for effective flea treatment. Get your property back to being in its best possible condition by relying on our local experts for help. We use the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment to resolve your flea problem in no time.


The Problems Earwigs Can Create Inside Your Briarforest Home

Having to deal with an earwig infestation inside the home you love in Briarforest isn’t good for your quality of life. While they don’t create harmful problems, despite the unsettling myths about them crawling into ears, they’re still no fun to have around. You can catch them crawling on your skin, and can even get pinched in the process.

If you handle an earwig in Briarforest, the worst problem that can occur is that you’ll get pinched. With that being said, their pinches rarely are able to break the skin. Again, they’re annoying but not harmful to you or your property in any way, even at their worst. 

If you’re sick of dealing with these pests, it’s time to call Modern Pest Control for our effective earwig control service. We’ll get rid of their uninvited presence so you can get back to living your best life in Briarforest.

After we’ve handled your earwig issue, you can take action to stop a future infestation from occurring. By keeping firewood away from your property and eliminating leaf and mulch piles, you’ll be able to discourage earwigs. Rescind their invitation to your property by taking these measures, and by watching out for attractive water accumulation in your gutters and downspouts.

If earwigs are bothering you, we’re only a call away. We utilize the latest industry methods to take care of your earwig problem completely. You can count on us for service that works.


How Do Silverfish Find Their Way Into Briarforest Homes?

Silverfish in Briarforest are moisture-loving pests that may chew small holes in your personal belongings. They target clothes, upholstery, and paper goods, making your memorabilia extremely appetizing. To keep your possessions in proper condition, it’s important to understand how they get into homes in the first place.

Silverfish are a notoriously fast pest, and they’re excellent at climbing. They have the ability to nestle into cracks or crevices during the day and seek humid, cool spaces to work at night. Silverfish don’t need food or water for weeks, but can’t survive without a high amount of moisture in their environment. So, they’ll get into your home and settle into a humid area where they’re most comfortable.

If you have a shake roof, you’re more likely to deal with a silverfish infestation. Shake roofs provide them with everything they need, including moisture, cellulose, starch, and dead insects. They travel through the insulation after sneaking through the roof. Then, they find a place to shack up in your home.

When they do make their way into the home you love, it’s time to call on Modern Pest Control. We’ll get these climbers out of your home so you won’t need to worry about your belongings anymore. Give us a call for a modern approach to exceptional pest control.


How Do I Get Rid Of Centipedes In My Briarforest House?

If you’re having to deal with centipedes in Briarforest, Modern Pest Control is here to help. We’re a team of local experts who understand that centipedes aren’t fun to reside alongside. We’ll get your residential property pest-free again to restore your quality of life.

While they’re far from dangerous, it’s not an enjoyable experience to find a centipede in your home. Before you know it, you may be thinking that one’s lurking around every corner. Restoring your peace of mind is as easy as calling on us for effective centipede control. With the most advanced techniques, we get the job done right every time.

One reason why you should give us a call as soon as you see a centipede is that they have the ability to bite. These are rare occurrences but are a nuisance. They’ll only bite if they’re being handled, and when they do, they’ll transfer some venom that causes mild pain and swelling at worst. While it’s not harmful, bringing us out to your home as soon as possible can stop this uncomfortable occurrence from happening to you or your loved ones.

Until we get there, you can avoid potted plants where they’re likely to lurk. They’re also commonly found in basements, crawlspaces, or bathrooms. We’ll inspect these places and make sure that every centipede is out of your house by the time we’re done.

In order to keep them from coming back, there are some simple measures that you can take. Getting a dehumidifier can make your indoor space less hospitable to these unwelcome guests. Sealing up cracks, crevices, and gaps will prevent them from getting access to the interior of your home. There are some actions to take on the exterior of your property as well. You can reduce the presence of leaves, grass clippings, rocks, and logs so they aren’t as attracted to your yard.

If it's too late for preventive measures, give Modern Pest Control a call. We'll restore your home to its pest-free state so you can rest easy.


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