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Reliable Pest Control Services For Friendswood, TX Home & Business Owners

Friendswood, Texas lives up to its name; this friendly city takes pride in offering its residents beautiful residential neighborhoods, thriving business districts, an excellent school system, and plenty of parks, trails, and gorgeous outdoor spaces. To help protect the residents that live in this thriving Texas city from the pests that also live in Friendswood, partner with the local pest control experts at Modern Pest Control. We use the latest technology to offer both our residential and commercial customers with relief from bothersome, dangerous, and damaging pests. Contact us today to learn all the details about our affordable, highly effective commercial or residential pest control programs!

Residential Pest Control In Friendswood, TX

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The mild weather that is typically found year-round in the Friendswood area allows for most species of insects and rodents to remain active year-round. To protect your yard, home, and family year-round from pests, put into place a year-round home pest control service from the professionals at Modern Pest Control. In addition to believing in the benefits of year-round pest control, at Modern we also believe in allowing our customers to have options.

Our flexible programs offer residential customers three different, guaranteed, year-round home pest control service plans:

  • Modern Plus - This service offers effective pest control services

  • Signature - This service offers effective pest control services along with effective termite control

  • Signature Plus - This service offers pest and termite control, plus the addition of seasonal mosquito control

To learn more about any of our residential pest control services, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and experienced professionals!

Common Types Of Rodents In Friendswood, TX

Rodents are a common pest problem and are found living all across the county. In our area, the most common species of rodents include the mouse, Norway rat, roof rat, and squirrel.

  • Mice - The most common mouse invader is the aptly named house mouse. They are fairly easy to identify with their long hairless tails, large ears, and small dark eyes. The fur on their bodies is usually dark gray or black in color, and the fur on their underbelly is usually lighter in color. Mice can cause extensive structural damages, contaminate food sources, and introduce serious diseases, parasites, and bacteria into your home.

  • Norway Rats - This common rat is a great swimmer, but its heavy stocky body makes it a poor climber; therefore these rats are usually found infesting ground floors. In addition to its stocky body, the Norway rat has a blunt nose, small ears, and a bi-colored tail. Their fur is brown in color and is sprinkled with black hairs, in contrast, the fur on their underbelly is usually gray or whitish in color. Like their rodent cousin the house mouse, Norway rats and their large strong incisors can cause significant damages to the structure of the property that they are invading, they can introduce disease, and can contaminate food sources.

  • Roof Rats - The roof rat differs from the Norway rat because of its much smaller, leaner body. Their light frame makes them excellent climbers and they are often found invading attic spaces and the upper levels of the properties that they are invading. Roof rats, another rodent species can cause similar damages like the house mouse and Norway rat and therefore should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

  • Squirrels - Squirrels in our area are typically whitish gray, red, or brown in color. Their underbellies are usually lighter in color. They also typically have a long bushy tail that they use for balance. Inside of a home, squirrels can be founding nesting in attic spaces, behind walls, and in crawl spaces. They will contaminate homes with their urine and feces, cause structural damages with their sharp teeth, and of course introduce parasites and disease.

If rodents become a problem in your Friendswood home, contact the professionals at Modern Pest Control immediately. We have specially designed rodent control services that work very effectively to rid your home of a current rodent problem and help to prevent a re-infestation. Give us a call to learn more!

Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Friendswood, TX

We can protect your Friendswood business from pests by providing you with the following professional services:

  • Inspections

  • Modern treatment

  • Development of treatment strategies that are specific to your business

  • Physical alterations

  • Monitoring stations

After we complete our inspection and based on what was discovered, our professionals may recommend the following to help control and eliminate pests around your commercial facility: increase sanitation practices, making physical changes around your facility, installing pest monitoring devices, and the development of a long-term treatment. Don’t let pests affect your business’ bottom-line now or in the future, contact the commercial pest control experts at Modern Pest Control!

Guide To Protecting Your Friendswood, TX Property From Termites

Protecting your Friendswood property from highly destructive, wood-eating termites is as easy as 1-2-3! First, we begin by having one of our experts complete a thorough termite inspection looking for signs of termite activity and their damages. Second, we will place Sentricon® with Always Active™ stations strategically around your Friendswood property. The stations once installed will quickly and completely eliminate the entire termite infestation. Third and finally, once the infestation is eliminated the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ remains in place on your property to monitor for future activity and to prevent future problems with termites. Easy as 1-2-3! Protect your Friendswood property from termites by partnering with the best in termite control - Modern Pest Control and Sentricon® with Always Active™!

How To Identify Armyworms In Friendswood, TX

When you own a home in the Friendswood area, armyworms can be a common problem. These small pests are usually dark grey or brown in color, featuring a camouflaged exterior. They will typically transition into moths later in life, but they can do significant damage to your lawn in the worm stage.

If you begin to notice brown patches on your lawn, be sure to analyze the grass closely to discover if there are armyworms present. These pests can be difficult to get rid of in the event of a robust infestation. If lawn damage is minimal, then proper lawn maintenance over time may be able to get rid of the issue. However, if you notice more than four or five of these worms in a small patch of your grass, then you probably have a severe problem throughout the property.

If this is the case, don’t put your trust in DIY pest control methods or store-bought solutions. Instead, partner with the professionals at Modern Pest Control. We have QualityPro-rated solutions to take care of all of your pest problems, including invasive armyworms. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection.

When Is It Time To Call A Professional For Cockroaches In My Friendswood Home?

If you have cockroach problems on your Friendswood property, then one of the most important things you can do is keep an eye out for the signs of a severe infestation. This can include roach droppings near your light fixtures and at the corners of the room, as well as any cockroaches (dead or alive) that you may see during the day. Cockroaches are nocturnal, and they are afraid of humans and light, so you may not notice just how dangerous of an issue you have.

That’s why the first sign of cockroaches is a strong indication of the need for professional help. However, you can reduce roach attraction to your home on your own with the following methods:

  • Clean regularly to avoid loose crumbs.

  • Manage moisture problems throughout the property.

  • Store food and trash securely both inside and outside the home.

Even though these methods can help you avoid a cockroach infestation, once you have one, only professional help will prevent long-term problems. If you spot the signs of a cockroach infestation, don’t wait until the danger to your family’s health becomes too real. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

Are Ants Around My Friendswood Property Dangerous?

If you have ants on your Friendswood property, keep in mind that these pests can be a severe health hazard. The ants that will typically invade your Friendswood yard, like the red imported fire ant, can cause medical problems due to multiple stings. When these pests create large colonies in your yard, it can turn outdoor time into the potential for danger.

Unfortunately, the ants that will invade your home can also prove dangerous, although they do not bite as painfully. These small, resourceful pests can spread dangerous bacteria throughout your dining areas, meal preparation areas, and your stored food. Contaminated food will often lead to salmonellosis, E. coli infections, and more.

If you want to prevent ants from putting your home and family in danger, we recommend following these prevention tips:

  • Clean regularly.

  • Store food and trash properly.

  • Control moisture problems.

  • Maintain the lawn properly.

If you do notice the signs of an ant problem, these problems can add up quickly. Don’t waste your time on DIY pest control methods when your family’s health is at risk. Call the professionals at Modern Pest Control to schedule an inspection with one of our experts and get started with ant control solutions.

Winter Wildlife Prevention For Friendswood Homeowners

In a place like Friendswood, there are plenty of wildlife hazards that can endanger your property and your family, even during the winter. Rodents, for instance, will look for someplace warm to spend the winter, invading your home by utilizing their sharp teeth and flexible bodies. Rodents will spread dangerous bacteria, introduce harmful parasites to your property, and even damage your stored goods with their constant chewing. Other forms of property-invading wildlife in the Friendswood area include deer, hogs, lawn-damaging vermin, opossums, and more.

With your property and family at risk, it’s important to partner with the professionals at the first sign of a problem. However, there are some things you can do to limit wildlife attraction to your property, such as:

  • Maintaining the lawn properly,

  • Storing outdoor food and trash securely,

  • Controlling moisture buildup throughout the property, and

  • Rearranging lawn ornaments regularly, which creates an uncomfortable environment.

Even though these methods are effective in limiting wildlife attraction to your property, it's important to remember that nothing can provide professional assurances outside of the experienced wildlife solutions of a Modern Pest Control wildlife expert. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our professionals.


Are There Dangerous Spiders In Friendswood?

Spiders appear in Friendswood homes and businesses in search of food, which consists of other pests, and ideal conditions that are usually dark and damp. While many of the species that you’ll come across are relatively harmless, there are a few dangerous types of spiders that you ought to be on the lookout for.

According to Texas Health and Human Services, there are two types of venomous spiders in the area. The black widow spider is perhaps the most notable species because of its depictions in popular culture and fables. The female is easy to spot, with her glossy black exterior and red hourglass stamp. This spider is anti-social and seeks out secluded places like closets, basements, and attics. She’ll stay there and weave her web, striking prey as they walk by.

The other venomous spider in the area is the brown recluse, which mainly lives outside amidst yard debris and underneath porches. This species also doesn’t seek out attention from people but is mobile in its quest for food. With six eyes, the brown recluse is one of the most adept hunting spiders. Both spiders will attack if they feel provoked or perceive a threat.

For more information on venomous spider protection, contact Modern Pest Control today.


Expert Advice On Tick Control In Friendswood

The ticks in Friendswood can be dangerous for people and their pets. In order to limit exposure to these pests, try the following tips:

  • Create a tidy property by mowing the lawn frequently, removing any leaf piles and hedge trimmings, and reducing greenery by scaling back trees. 

  • For property owners with pets, consider speaking to a veterinarian about year-round tick and flea control. 

  • Limit the presence of rodents and wildlife by storing outdoor garbage securely, turning over standing water, and opting for motion sensor items like night lights and sprinkler systems. 

  • Always wear long sleeves and long pants while outdoors. Make sure that hair is covered and that pants are tucked into socks as well.

  • After spending any amount of time at the park or in the woods, perform a thorough self-inspection for ticks. They tend to hide in hair, underneath armpits, and behind knees. 

  • Seek professional assistance for seasonal protection from ticks. 

At Modern Pest Control, we provide reliable tick control for homeowners and businesses. Our services are backed by 70 years of experience and strict adherence to Integrated Pest Management. All of the services that we provide are on the cutting edge of technology and are always safe for our customers. For more information on these services, please call us today.


What Spotting Springtails Can Say About Your Friendswood Home

The springtail is a fuzzy cream-colored insect with pronounced antennae and several sets of legs. While seeing springtails inside of your Friendswood home might be a nuisance because they don’t bite or sting, their presence can indicate a moisture issue on your property, such as internal water damage or leaky pipes and plumbing problems. Springtails can also get inside of your property after a significant rain storm or even when the temperatures rise and they start to look for wetter conditions. These factors can make preventing springtails very difficult but with professional help from Modern Pest Control, that doesn’t have to be the case.

We bring over seven decades of experience to each home that we treat and we adhere to Integrated Pest Management methods, the gold standard in the industry. We deliver homeowners routine services in order to address pests like springtails in ways that DIY methods simply cannot. Our treatments are applied to both the interior and exterior of your home and are designed to create long-lasting pest-free results. If you notice any springtails between your regularly scheduled services, simply give us a call and we’ll re-treat your home at no additional cost.

For more information on our springtail control services, contact us today.


The Secret To Keeping Silverfish Out Of Your Friendswood Home

Silverfish are slithering insects that are known for their fish-like movements and metallic coloring. Silverfish are attracted to your Friendswood home because of an excess of moisture, which makes them very difficult to prevent and even harder to eliminate. The secret to keeping these pests out of your home is professional help from Modern Pest Control.

We are a locally-owned company that has been providing homeowners with reliable pest control since 1952. We're a QualityPro certified company, so you can rest assured that you’re always going to receive the safest services around. We follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods when treating your home, which means that every measure we take will be sustainable and safe for everyone in your household. By following IPM standards, we also provide our customers with education on steps that you can take to deter pests like silverfish between our visits. These guidelines are invaluable when it comes to addressing silverfish because they create a barrier between your home and silverfish while also eliminating any that might have gotten inside. Because these pests are so prevalent, we include services for them in all of our ongoing pest control programs.

For more information on silverfish prevention, contact us today.

What Kind Of Bugs Invade Pantries And Cupboards?

Many types of bugs can invade pantries and cupboards. Some of the most common ones include pantry moths, also known as Indian meal moths or pantry weevils, flour beetles, grain weevils, and carpet beetles. You will often find them inside food packaging. It is also common for cockroaches and ants to invade these areas.

Pantry pests are not directly dangerous to people, but they will lay their eggs in grains, cereals, flour, and more, causing contamination. Some can also cause a foul odor, produce carcinogenic mycotoxins, and cause irritations that resemble allergic reactions.

The best way to prevent these bugs from invading is to keep your dry foods in airtight containers and clean your home regularly. However, your best efforts might not be enough as these pests can enter your home in various ways that are hard to control, like through already-infested store-bought food items.

At Modern Pest Control, our trained specialists can show you how to get rid of Indian meal moths and other pantry pests. If you are struggling with an infestation, call us today to schedule an inspection and learn about our options to eliminate it safely.

Is It Dangerous To Have Centipedes In My Friendswood House?

While centipedes are not dangerous, they can inflict painful bites and are generally pretty scary to have around. The bigger problem with these multi-legged invaders is that they are rarely found in isolation but tend to be present alongside other pests they prey on, like ants and cockroaches, which can transmit diseases and contaminate your food supply. 

Centipedes prefer to live outdoors. If you are finding them inside your home, we recommend scheduling a home inspection to determine the root cause of the problem. Our licensed specialists will then be able to devise a treatment strategy that can include closing off access points by installing door sweeps, caulking gaps, sealing cracks in your foundation, cleaning up your yard, unclogging gutters, lowering humidity levels, and more. 

Call us today if you are ready to eliminate centipedes on your Friendswood property. Our licensed pest control technicians will devise a treatment plan that works for you and keep these startling insects away from your home.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Flies Into Your Friendswood Home

Flies can carry and spread multiple pathogens that are potentially dangerous to humans. They can also cause food poisoning. Many factors, like food, garbage, and moisture, can attract them to your home. The following tips can help you keep these nuisance pests at bay:

  • Keep your home clean and tidy: Clean dining and food prep areas promptly, including spills and crumbs, and disinfect countertops regularly. Keeping your garbage cans clean and regularly throwing out the trash is also essential.

  • Seal up entry points: Fitting all windows and doors with fine-mesh screens can prevent flies from entering your home. We also recommend sealing up cracks or gaps around windows and doors. A professional pest control expert can help you identify problem areas during an inspection.

  • Lower moisture levels: Flies, and many other pests, are attracted to water and humidity. Fixing leaky pipes and keeping your home well-ventilated can go a long way in keeping flies out.

If these tips are not enough to get rid of flies, there are other options. Call us today to schedule a home inspection and find out how the Modern Pest Control team can safely eliminate these scavengers.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Friendswood Property

Pigeons can be a nuisance to your Texas property by causing damage and creating unsanitary conditions. These unwanted birds can transmit many illnesses like histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. It is not uncommon for people to slip on their droppings, and parasites like fleas and ticks can hitchhike on pigeons and end up in your home.

The best way to effectively get rid of pigeons is to use a combination of strategies to make your property unappealing and inaccessible to them, including the following:

  • Prevent them from building nests: To avoid having pigeon nests on your property, you must avoid having flat areas around as much as possible and might consider physical barriers like netting and spikes. 

  • Do not feed or provide water: Many pests invade because they can find accessible food and water sources. Keeping your property free of spills, standing water, bird feeders, and more will make it less appealing to pigeons and other invaders. 

  • Keep your property clean: Clean up after gatherings to remove food sources and eliminate clutter, leaf piles, woodpiles, and other spots that could entice them to settle. 

Getting rid of pigeons is more complex than you might it is. For all your pigeon control needs, call us today. We will help you schedule an inspection and put your nuisance bird problem behind you safely and effectively.


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