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Bellaire Pest Control Services

In Harris County, Texas you will find the city of Bellaire. Bellaire or the “City of Homes” as it is commonly called is a mostly residential community that is in close proximity to Houston and other major cities. To protect your home or area business from the many insects, rodents, and other pests that also call Bellaire home, you can trust the local pest control experts at Modern Pest Control. Through the use of the latest technology and modern Integrated Pest Management methods, our highly-trained service professionals protect Texas properties and families from dangerous, damaging, and annoying pests. To learn more about any of our pest control services, get in touch with us today and speak with one of our professionals.

Residential Pest Control In Bellaire, TX

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To control pests that thrive year-round in our mild Texas weather, Modern Pest Control provides three residential pest control services. Get the pest coverage you need at a rate you can afford! Here is an overview of our home pest control services:

  • Modern Plus Service: provides effective pest control services through quarterly pest visits.

  • Signature Service: provides effective pest control services through quarterly pest visits, plus effective termite control.

  • Signature Plus Service: Provides pest control services through quarterly visits, termite control, AND the control of fleas, fire ants, and spiders in the yard. This is our most comprehensive solution to pest problems.

To learn more about our year-round residential pest control services, give us a call today!

Common Spiders In Bellaire, TX

There are many spiders living throughout Texas, some of the most common spider species found in our area include:

  • Ground spiders - These spiders don’t create webs, instead they chase down and hunt their prey by running along the ground. 

  • Jumping spiders - These spiders have 8 short powerful legs which allow them to jump extraordinary heights.

  • Wolf spiders - These spiders have a stout body; their body and their long spiny legs are covered in hair.

  • Orb weaver spiders - These spiders are identified by the spiral wheel-shaped webs that they create to catch their prey in. 

  • Crab spiders - These spiders move in a side to side crab-like manner. They use camouflage to attack prey that comes close to their hiding spot.

The good news when it comes to all of the above-listed spiders is that they aren’t considered to be dangerous; their venom is typically not strong enough to cause harm to a person. The bad news is, they are still spiders and no one wants to have these creepy eight-legged creatures living on their property and lurking throughout their home. At Modern Pest Control we can eliminate and control spiders by developing a customized plan of action for your specific property. Call us today to learn more about controlling spiders on your Bellaire property!

Commercial Pest Control In Bellaire, TX

Businesses in Bellaire trust Modern Pest Control because our team provides the support they need to meet regulatory standards and manage pests with modern Integrate Pest Management methods, which put an emphasis on green solutions first. Here are a few more reasons businesses choose us:

  • We employ highly-trained and fully licensed service professionals.

  • Our team draws from almost 70 years of pest control experience.

  • We develop strategies that keep businesses up to code.

  • All data collected on pest pressures is stored online for easy access.

  • We get results.

Your Bellaire business can benefit from a professional pest management program. Let our team help your team. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection of your facility or to consult with one of our pest control experts.

Protect Your Bellaire, TX Property With Termite Control

Termites are invasive pests with a voracious appetite for wood. They can cause extensive damage to Bellaire homes and businesses. At Modern Pest Control, we protect the equity of properties in Bellaire through:

  • Detailed and professional termite inspections.

  • The installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

  • Ongoing termite monitoring and bait station maintenance.

The implementation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ involves placing discreet bait stations strategically around your property. As soon as the stations are installed, they begin working to completely eliminate termite colonies. Once an infestation is eliminated, Sentricon® with Always Active™ remains in place to monitor for additional termite activity and to prevent termite damage. Contact us today to learn more about this system or to schedule the installation of the Sentricon® System by one of our certified installers.


Here's What Makes Bellaire Cockroaches So Dangerous

If you have a cockroach problem in the Bellaire area, these pests can provide a serious threat to your property. Along with a pathogen that will turn your walls yellow over time, roaches can spread dangerous bacteria throughout your property, especially your stored food and meal preparation areas. That’s why it’s important to partner with the professionals at the first sign of a roach problem.

Cockroaches can be very elusive, utilizing their flexible outer shell to squeeze through cracks and crevices around your property and hide from protection. Since they spread such dangerous bacteria that often lead to salmonella, E. coli, and more, you should call the professionals at the first sign of a roach problem.

They are terrified of humans and light, so they will hide within your walls in large numbers. Even if you see one or two cockroaches dead or alive during the day, this could be a strong indication of a problem within your walls. Give a Modern Pest Control residential technician a call at the first sign of cockroaches to protect your home and family.


Keeping Pets Safe From Bellaire Flea Infestations

If you have a flea problem on your Bellaire property, keep in mind that these are some of the most dangerous pests to adults, children, and pets. That’s why we recommend getting professional help at the first sign of fleas. These pets will hop onto your pets and lay eggs before jumping back off. So your pets will shake the eggs off onto your carpet, beginning a robust infestation without you realizing it. Unfortunately, simply vacuuming the carpet will not get rid of the entire infestation.

Because fleas are so difficult to get rid of on your own, we recommend partnering with a Modern Pest Control residential technician to eliminate flea problems. We also recommend that you have your pets medicated by a veterinarian. By combining these two methods and reducing wildlife activity in the yard (as rodents and deer are typically the ones that introduce fleas onto your property in the first place), you can reduce your risk of prolonged flea issues. For more helpful tips or to partner with our residential pest control technicians, give us a call today.


What To Do If You See A Mouse In Your Bellaire Home

If you notice a mouse in your Bellaire, the first thing you need to realize is just how dangerous these pests can be. Mice will use their sharp teeth and flexible bodies to get into your home and squeeze in and out of the cracks and crevices throughout your structure. They will also reproduce rapidly within your walls, so it can be challenging to control a mouse infestation with your store-bought remedies.

Unfortunately, mice are some of the most dangerous pests in the Bellaire area. Many of them will spread harmful bacteria around your meal preparation areas and stored food, and they can also cause severe damage by chewing on various items throughout your home. Here are the best ways to get rid of a mouse problem from your Bellaire property:

  1. Maintain the lawn 

  2. Store food and trash properly 

  3. Clean regularly 

  4. Partner with the professionals at Modern Pest Control 

Even though all of these methods can help you reduce mouse attraction to your property, nothing provides a guarantee outside of professional help. Please take advantage of our QualityPro services provided by our residential pest control technicians. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection.


Minimizing Tick Exposure In Bellaire

When you discover tick problems on your Bellaire property, you need to know just how dangerous these pests can be. Ticks will transfer harmful diseases from host to host, so they will infect your bloodstream with dangerous diseases as they feed on your blood. Tick infestations have led to harmful illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and tularemia.

Minimizing tick exposure centers around two factors: getting your pets medicated and prohibiting wildlife activity on your property. Rodents and deer are typically the pests that will introduce ticks to your yard, so you should consider the following methods for creating a less ideal habitat for wildlife and ticks:

  • Maintaining the lawn properly

  • Trimming any tall grass or shrubbery along the property line

  • Controlling moisture problems throughout the yard and property

  • Storing outdoor food and trash securely

Along with these methods, we recommend medicating your pets with a veterinarian-prescribed tick medication. However, wildlife production and pet medication will still not guarantee you a tick-free yard. That's why you should partner with Modern Pest Control to ensure that your property and family are safe from these invasive pests and all of the others in the Bellaire area. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.


Five Fast & Effective Ant Control Tips For Bellaire Property Owners

The city of Bellaire, Texas, is a neighborly haven that is merely a stone’s throw from the heart of Houston. Founded in 1908, Bellaire has remained a friendly place full of familiar faces – and unfortunately, some of those faces include ants. Ant control in Bellaire is essential in keeping these invaders out of your home and minimizing the problems they create in your yard.

Use these five ant prevention tips for effective ant control around your home:

  • Block off access points. Pest exclusion is a critical step toward keeping ants from entering your home in the first place.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for cracks, crevices, and other points of entry, such as open windows and utility pipes. Seal any small holes or gaps with silicone, pest-proof caulk.
  • Eliminate sources of water. Check for areas of excess moisture such as under sinks, leaky faucets, and pipes around your home. Consider installing a dehumidifier in damp attics, basements, or crawlspaces; outside, ensure downspouts and gutters are functioning properly, so water flows away from the exterior of your home.Maintain a clean kitchen and living space. Wipe counter surfaces and sweep floors regularly to remove crumbs and food debris that may be attracting ants. Routinely dispose of garbage and keep garbage bins and trash cans tightly covered.
  • Store food and food products in airtight containers. Keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator. Also, keep pet food bowls clean and store dry pet food in sealed, plastic containers.

Work with a Bellaire pest control professional. Ant control in your yard and house begins with Modern Pest Control. We offer an effective five-step process for getting rid of ants in Bellaire. Call now and request a free inspection!


What To Do About Bees On Your Bellaire Property

The benefits bees provide to our environment can not be overstated; however, bees are stinging insects that pose some dangers to those they come in contact with. If you’re asking questions like, “Do bumble bees sting?” or wish to know how to control bees in Bellaire, Modern Pest Control is here to help! We offer bee control services in Bellair and the greater Houston area that safely remove bees from your property.

Our skilled technicians can identify the different types of bees causing problems on your property, locate potential entry points, and remove these stinging insects using various techniques designed to keep bees alive while eliminating the health and safety risks associated with their presence. Modern Pest Control fosters relationships with local beekeepers in our community and transports bees to these facilities whenever possible. In addition, we will remove beehives and honeycomb from your structure and clean up as much residue as possible. For more information about how to control bees in your yard or home, contact us today.


Differences Between Mosquito Control And D.I.Y. Solutions In Bellaire

Mosquitoes are known as the most dangerous animals in the world, and with good reason! These flying, biting pests will quickly overwhelm any outdoor event and can even transmit many diseases that pose serious health concerns. When you are under attack from these deadly pests, you may start to wonder what home remedies for mosquitoes are the most effective. Unfortunately, D.I.Y. solutions for mosquitoes can be costly and ineffective. In fact, D.I.Y. pest control products are potentially dangerous when not handled with care.

Regarding mosquito control in Bellaire, your best and safest option is Modern Pest Control. We offer several seasonal and year-round options for mosquito control and prevention. Take back your lawn with our monthly mosquito control and take 20 dollars off your first service with an annual service agreement today!


Why Homeowners In Bellaire Should Consider Rodent Control

Rodents may be small and cute, but they are nasty pests. Texas rodents are known for causing structural damage, destroying personal property, and spreading several notable bacteria and diseases throughout homes in our area. Because our properties offer the food, water, and shelter required for their survival, rodents thrive near humans and in our homes.

If you’re experiencing problems with mice and rats, contact Modern Pest Control today. Our team knows how to effectively get rid of rodents from any home or business in Bellaire. Modern Pest Control offers free consultations, effective rodent trapping, and exclusion services to keep mice and rats from returning. Call our certified professionals to help with permanent rat removal in Bellaire.


All You Need To Know About Centipedes In Bellaire

Centipedes are an intimidating-looking pest, especially when you find them crawling around your Bellaire home. They are affectionately known as “hundred leggers” because of their many sets of legs, which is also a key way to identify them. Their bodies appear in segments if you look closely and they can have anywhere from 15 to 177 sets of legs. Centipedes are usually some combination of brown and yellow coloring and have a set of pronounced antennae. Because they’re primarily active at night, most people who have centipede infestations rarely see them at all. 

If you discover centipedes in your home, it’s likely because of an issue with moisture. They are lured to areas that are cool, damp, and not too far from their food source. Because of these factors, areas like bathrooms and beneath kitchen sinks are ideal for them. Some of the pests that centipedes eat include cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, and other centipedes. While encountering centipedes can be disturbing at first, they are actually not a threat to your well-being, though having a centipede infestation may lead to larger issues with ants, beetles, and spiders that all prey on centipedes. For more information on centipede control, call Modern Pest Control today.


Signs Of An Armyworm Infestation In Your Bellaire Home

If you’re dealing with an armyworm infestation in Bellaire, you’ll be able to notice that this pest is the culprit in a few key ways. They’re highly destructive when it comes to vegetation, targeting grass-like plants first and going to the next plant they find after. One at a time, they wreak havoc on gardens. They can destroy entire plants more quickly than you’d imagine. 

If you have an armyworm problem on your property, you’ll be able to notice this damage. Eventually, you’ll see them flying around as moths, but they eat their way to that stage over a few weeks as larvae. That’s when they cause the most damage. You’ll be able to recognize them as caterpillars. They’re referred to as “armyworms” because they move together in large groups to exact their effective attacks on your plant life.

If you’re looking for them during the day, you’re likely only to see signs of them, as they usually come out at night. With that being said, you might be able to find them hiding amongst your plants or under other elements in your outdoor areas near your garden.

You’ll have the best chance of seeing signs of armyworms or finding the pests themselves if you look in cool, wet areas during the spring. These conditions are where they like to stay and breed. While these opportunistic pests will eat almost any plant they can access, you’re more likely to see signs of their damage on the following types of vegetation:

  • Corn

  • Oats

  • Rye

  • Sugarcane

  • Wheat

  • Beans

  • Cabbage

  • Carrots

  • Corn

  • Celery

  • Lettuce

  • Onions

  • Peas

  • Peppers

  • Radishes

  • Sweet potatoes

When you’re looking at or around their favorite food sources, there are signs that will give away their presence. If you find grass that looks jagged and bitten, they’re probably the cause. They leave leaf stems in their wake after consuming the body of the leaf, and they’ll leave green fecal pellets where they eat. Other signs including discolored grass on the edges of your yard, and an influx of birds could point to the presence of armyworms as well.

Here at Modern Pest Control, our team uses the latest, most advanced methods to resolve pest problems. Leave your armyworm control needs to us; call us as soon as you see signs of armyworms so that your garden can continue to thrive.


Is It Dangerous To Have Centipedes In My Bellaire House?

Centipedes in Bellaire aren’t fun to deal with, but they’re certainly not dangerous. These unsettling pests are typically a nuisance at their worst. They do bite humans on rare occasions if they’re being handled, and there is venom transferred in the process. Still, this only causes some mild pain and swelling and is no cause for alarm. 

If you find a centipede in your house, you’re most likely to see it in a basement, crawlspace, or bathroom. If you have potted plants, they’re likely to settle in there as well.

While they’re not dangerous to have around, centipedes are still unwelcome guests. Modern Pest Control is here to help by putting the most advanced industry methods for centipede control to use. We’ll get rid of the centipedes that have invited themselves into the home you love. 

After you’ve taken advantage of our exceptional service, there are some measures you can take in order to prevent future occurrences. By reducing the moisture in your home, you’ll make your indoor environment less hospitable to centipedes. Reducing outdoor elements like leaves, grass clippings, logs, and rocks can also help remove factors that attract them to your property in the first place. Lastly, sealing cracks, crevices, and gaps in your home can get rid of their access points, getting rid of their ability to annoy you for good.


The Problems Earwigs Can Create Inside Your Bellaire Home

An earwig infestation in Bellaire isn’t enjoyable to deal with. They’re not pleasant to look at or to feel crawling up your extremities. While they’re not harmful pests, they’re still bothersome. Modern Pest Control is here to handle the problem and get rid of every earwig in your Bellaire home.

These unsightly little pests have been such a notorious nuisance that there are even old wives' tales about them. In reality, however, earwigs do not actually crawl into people’s ears. The worst thing they can do is pinch someone if they’re being handled, but these pinches rarely break the skin.

To avoid dealing with the sense of uneasiness and problems they cause, there are a few measures you can take after you’ve called on us for earwig control that will keep them at bay. Getting rid of leaf or mulch piles on your exterior property will take away their nesting spots. Keeping firewood as far from your home as possible will also help prevent a future infestation. Also, watch for gutters and downspouts that are slightly clogged because earwigs are attracted to water build-up. 

Keep these tips in mind, and call on Modern Pest Control if annoying earwigs make their way into your home.


The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Bellaire Home

Silverfish in Bellaire are annoying pests that can take a toll on your memorabilia or other items. They target paper, clothing, and upholstery, creating little holes that can cause irreversible damage. While they’re not harmful in any other way, it’s always more convenient for you and the things you love to avoid the presence of a silverfish infestation.

The best and most effective way to get rid of silverfish in your Bellaire home is to rely on Modern Pest Control for help. Our team of local professionals uses the latest, most advanced methods to resolve silverfish problems. Once we’ve taken care of the problem, there are some steps that you can take to prevent it from happening again.

Getting a dehumidifier can go a long way in preventing silverfish. They can survive without food for weeks, but need moisture to live. Taking preventive measures to protect your personal belongings by putting them in sealed containers is also helpful. You can also be proactive by storing oats, flour, and other pantry foods in airtight containers.

Keep these tips in mind to stop silverfish in their tracks. If they scurry into your home despite your efforts, we’re only a call away.


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