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No matter what your pest control needs are, Modern Pest Control has the experience necessary to solve your pest problem the right way. Whether you are dealing with ants, mice, spiders, termites, or any other pests, call Modern and schedule your service today.

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Spring Pest Control Services

Spring is located in northern Harrison County, Texas; it is a family-friendly community that is home to more than 50,000 people. To keep the residents of Spring, as well as their homes and businesses, free of the many pests that live in Northern Texas, Modern Pest Control offers a “modern” approach to solving pest problems. You can trust our highly-trained experts and our 65+ years of experience to protect your Spring family and property from the potential dangers and damages that pests present. To learn more about our advanced technologies and services and how they can keep your Spring residential or commercial property free of pests, contact the Texas pest control experts at Modern Pest Control today.

Residential Pest Control In Spring, TX

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The mild weather found throughout North Texas allows most pest species to remain active year-round; in order to control common household pests and prevent them from being able to gain access into your home year round, it is necessary for your pest control services to be active year-round as well. Modern Pest Control offers our customers three different residential pest control services to choose from, allowing you to get the exact pest coverage your home and family requires through the completion of guaranteed services. Our most comprehensive service is our Signature Plus Service, it provides customers with everything that is needed to maintain a pest-free home and property, including quarterly pest control service visits, termite control, and seasonal mosquito control. To learn more about the Signature Plus service or our other two residential pest control services, give us a call today!

Types Of Ants In Spring, TX

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There are many different types of ants found living and breeding across the country, as well as in Texas. The most common ants found living in and around Spring, Texas include:

  • Fire ants - These dangerous ants are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to bite and sting people and animals; they are very invasive and difficult to get rid of from properties.

  • Rover ants - These nuisance ants originated from Argentina. They tend to invade properties in very large numbers and can be very difficult to control.

  • Tawny crazy ants - These ants are most commonly identified by the zig-zag pattern in which they move. They bite and can cause structural issues by damaging electrical equipment.

  • Carpenter ants - These wood-destroying ants typically nest outside but will move inside while foraging for food and water. Once inside, these ants create satellite nests inside of moist or water-damaged wood; if they are not eliminated, the tunnels and nests that carpenter ants create can cause significant structural damages.

Having ants invading your Spring home is nothing to take lightly. These pests have the potential to be dangerous, damaging, and, of course, annoying! To prevent problems with ants on your property, partner with Modern Pest Control. We can implement the services needed to eliminate problematic ants living both inside and outside of your home. Our 5-step process for getting rid of ants includes: inspection; cultural, mechanical, and physical ant control methods; the development of a customized treatment plan; treatment; and of course, communication, and a follow-up. Give us a call to learn more about how to get rid of invasive ants from your Spring property!

Commercial Pest Control In Spring, TX

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At Modern Pest Control, our approach to commercial pest management includes having our highly trained professionals provide a visual inspection of your facility and grounds, the development of a pest prevention plan that is specific your business, completing physical changes around your commercial facility, and the possible recommendation of fixes to sanitation issues. Modern Pest Control is a local company and has a deep understanding of the local needs of Texas business owners. Our professionals understand how to meet a business’s individual needs, while always taking into account the unique industry regulations of each business. Some of the many businesses that we serve include:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Food processing facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Schools

  • Supermarkets

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services and let us develop a custom-tailored pest control plan for your business to help keep it pest-free far into the future!

Protect Your Spring, TX Property From Termites

termites in spring home

Protect your Spring property from termites by making changes around your home to deter them and by partnering with Modern Pest Control. To prevent problems with termites on your property, our professionals will provide a thorough inspection and install the eco-friendly, highly effective, and long-lasting Sentricon® System with Always Active™ onto your Spring, TX property. A couple things that you can do to help deter termites on your property include:

  • Removing piles of brush, fallen trees or tree limbs, and piles of leaves or grass from your property; these piles may attract termites.

  • Eliminating excess moisture by ensuring that gutters are unclogged and are redirecting rainwater away from the exterior of your home, using dehumidifiers, and repairing interior or exterior leaky pipes or faucets.

  • Termites are attracted to water damaged wood; therefore it is very important to remove any water damaged wood from your home, replacing it with sound wood.

  • Sealing any cracks in your home’s foundation to help prevent termites from gaining access to your home.

If you are experiencing problems with termites or would like to prevent problems with termites around your Spring, TX home and property, call Modern Pest Control today to schedule a thorough termite inspection and begin the termite elimination process!

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