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Reliable Pest Control Services For Spring, TX Home & Business Owners

Spring is located in Northern Harrison County, Texas; This family-friendly community is littered with activities to enjoy outdoors including large parks, several golf courses, and picturesque lakes. However, the threat of unwanted pests compromises the idyllic lives of many Spring, TX residents.

To protect your home and business, Modern Pest Control offers a “modern” approach to pest control in Spring, TX. You can trust our highly-trained experts and our 65+ years of experience to protect your family and your livelihood from all of the many dangers pests present.

Our Harris County pest control experts in Spring utilize advanced services and technologies to keep your Spring residential or commercial property free from all pesky nuisances. Request a free home inspection or business consultation today as the first step in ridding your property of unwanted pests! 

Residential Pest Control In Spring, TX

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The mild weather of East Texas allows most pest species to remain active year-round. In order to control common household pests and prevent them from being able to gain access into your home year-round, it is necessary for your pest control services to be active year-round as well.

Modern Pest Control offers customers three different residential pest control services to choose from, allowing you to get the exact pest service you're looking for and coverage for the pests you're concerned about.

Our most comprehensive service is our Signature Plus package, it provides customers with everything that is needed to keep pests out and reduce pests in their yards, including quarterly pest control service visits, termite control, and seasonal mosquito control.

Learn more about the Signature Plus service or our other two residential pest control service plans by contacting us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Spring, TX

In addition to our residential pest control, our exterminators at Modern Pest Control offer commercial pest control options to fit your business’s needs. We offer a customized approach to commercial pest management where we work with your company’s needs to formulate a pest prevention plan. 

Our team of professionals will inspect your facility and grounds, design a treatment and pest prevention plan, execute physical modifications of your property to manage pests, and provide a protocol for sanitation and other key pest control practices. 

We are a local pest control company who cares about the upkeep of commercial properties in Spring, TX. Therefore, we have extensive knowledge about pests that threaten local businesses. Our professionals are experienced with the pest control needs and regulations of industries in Southeast Texas.  

We service:

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Food processing facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Schools

  • Supermarkets

  • And many more

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services and let us develop a custom-tailored pest control plan to protect your business from the harmful impact of pest infestation.

Types Of Ants In Spring, TX

Whether you own a home or business, the presence of ants is nothing short of infuriating. These pesky insects can sting, bite, and even destroy electrical wiring in or around your home. 

There are many different types of ants found living and breeding across the country, as well as in Texas. The most common ants found living in and around Spring, Texas include:

  • Fire ants - These dangerous ants are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to bite and sting people and animals. They are very invasive and difficult to eliminate.

  • Rover ants - These nuisance ants originated from Argentina. They tend to invade properties in massive numbers and can be difficult to control.

  • Tawny crazy ants - These ants are most commonly identified by the zig-zag pattern in which they move. They bite and can cause structural issues by damaging electrical equipment.

  • Carpenter ants - These wood-destroying ants typically nest outside but will move inside while foraging for food and water. Once inside, they can create satellite nests in moist or water-damaged wood. If they are not dealt with, the tunnels and nests carpenter ants create can cause significant structural damage.

Having ants invading your Spring home is nothing to take lightly. These pests have the potential to be dangerous, damaging, and, of course, annoying! To prevent problems with ants on your property, partner with Modern Pest Control. We can work with you and your individual needs to implement the services necessary for ant extermination both inside and outside of your home. 

Our 5-step process for getting rid of ants includes and inspection, cultural modifications, mechanical exclusion, and physical ant control methods. Give us a call to learn more about how to get rid of invasive ants from your Spring property!

Protect Your Spring, TX Property From Termites

Termites are a serious threat to properties in Spring. When swarmers take to the air and look for a place to start a new colony, your goal should be to make your property as uninviting as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Remove piles of brush, fallen trees or tree limbs, and piles of leaves or grass from your property. These piles may attract termites.

  • Termites are drawn to moisture. Eliminate excess moisture by ensuring that gutters are unclogged and are channeling rainwater away from the exterior of your home.

  • Termites are attracted to water damaged wood. Remove any water damaged wood from your home and replace timbers with sound wood. Termites are attracted to water damaged wood.

  • Find leaks and cracks that are difficult to see. Repair leaky pipes and faucets. Seal any cracks in your home’s foundation to help prevent termites from gaining access to your home.

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial pest control in Spring, our team at Modern Pest can help! We prevent termite damage in homes and businesses by installing the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This termite control system targets termites—and only termites, for complete and long-lasting protection. Call us today to schedule a thorough termite inspection and get your termite protection in place.

The Truth About House Flies In Your Spring Home

House flies are annoying. We don't have to tell you that. But, are you aware that houseflies are implicated in the spread of more than 65 diseases? These are dirty insects that breed in trash receptacles, dumpsters, and other dirty places. Here are a few ways you may be able to keep flies out of your Spring home:

  • Move trash receptacles away from exterior doors to reduce the risk that flies will zip right in when you open the door.

  • Keep trash receptacles clean to reduce odors that attract flies and increase fly populations.

  • Keep on top of pet waste clean up.

  • Replace white lights with yellow lights near exterior doors. Yellow light is not perceptible to insects.

  • Repair window and door screens and make sure screen frames are properly sealed.

Sanitation and exclusions can give you a high level of protection from house flies. These insects mostly reproduce in exterior locations and must enter through your exterior to get into your home.

Mosquitoes & Dangerous Disease: What Spring Residents Ought To Know

It is no fun to have to deal with mosquitoes in your yard. They can completely ruin outdoor activities. But mosquitoes are more than just annoying pests. They have the ability to transmit West Nile virus, EEE, Zika virus, malaria, dengue fever, and many other diseases.

Fortunately, the deadliest mosquito-borne viruses are not endemic to the United States, and mosquitoes are mostly a low-level threat. While this is the case, it is still a great idea to have year-round mosquito control. Routine treatments will not only make your yard a nicer place to spend time, but you'll also have proactive protection from outbreaks and ongoing protection from endemic mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus.

Why Are There Silverfish In My Spring Home?

Silverfish aren't a threat to health but they can damage property. They're known to eat wallpaper, documents, envelopes, books, pictures, clothing, and more. When you see a silverfish in your home, you might wonder why it is there. How did that silverfish know that you have these food sources in your home? It didn't. Silverfish get inside by accident. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Silverfish are attracted to a moist perimeter. A clogged gutter can result in perimeter saturation that will invite silverfish activity.

  • Silverfish crawl around in wood piles. If you have scrap wood, campfire wood, branches, or some other wood source, these may have invited silverfish to be near your home.

  • Silverfish crawl around under leaf litter and leaf piles where there is moisture and food options.

When you alter conditions around your home that attract silverfish, you reduce silverfish activity. Combine this with exclusions and you may have no more issues with silverfish. It can be difficult to stay on top of yard work, or to find the time or money to deal with clogged gutters.

If you're not able to address conditions that attract silverfish and other pests, year-round pest control may be the answer. If you're in Spring, Texas, the service team here at Modern Pest Control can guide you toward the right pest control plan for you.

What You Need To Know About Spiders In Spring

Most spiders are just scary looking; they don't bite, or their bites are minor. Some spiders have a bite that feels like a pinprick or a bee sting. Only two spiders in Spring are considered to be medically important. They are widow spiders and recluse spiders. Widow spiders, both black and brown, have potent venom that could have you running to the hospital, but in most cases, their bites are not severe.

Recluse spiders, like the Texas recluse and Big Bend recluse, have a venom that can cause necrosis. Fortunately, a bite from a recluse spider is only likely to result in an isolated ulcer at the center of the wound. We do, however, recommend that you have a physician monitor recluse bites - just in case.

Spiders can be kept out of your Spring home if you reduce moisture, remove webs, control food sources, and apply exclusions. Dangerous spiders create webs in low areas. These webs look like a tangled mess. Keep this in mind as you work to routinely remove webs.

If you'd like assistance with spider control and general pest control, ask us about Modern Plus, Signature, and Signature Plus pest control. These pest programs are designed to cover specific pest issues for Spring residents. You may find one of these programs fits your needs perfectly. Connect with us today.   

How Much Do You Really Know About Earwigs In Spring?

Have you ever heard the nursery rhyme about earwigs crawling into your ears while you sleep? You likely have and lucky for you, this is far from the truth. Earwigs get a bad reputation and are often misunderstood pests. Their large pincers can have an intimidating impact on people, when the truth is, that they’re mere nuisance pests.

Earwigs are usually on the search for somewhere moist, dark, and undisturbed to live, and their ideal diet consists of vegetation, but they’ll scavenge through trash for crumbs. Their ideal preference for a habitat is outdoors amidst any yard clutter that you might have. Leaf piles, tree branches, and hedge trimmings usually provide earwigs with all they need. However, when the dry season comes and conditions outdoors are too hot, earwigs will likely try to use the crevices in your foundation to enter your home and find shelter elsewhere.

If you have leaks, moisture accumulation, or even the slightest issue with drainage, then you might find yourself with an earwig infestation. They are often spotted lurking around kitchens and bathrooms because of their attraction to moisture. For more information on earwig prevention, call Modern Pest Control today.

All You Need To Know About Armyworms In Spring

Armyworms are stealthy pests that can easily go undetected because of their camouflage coloring and outdoor habitat. They usually start to make their way to the Spring area in the fall but the bulk of their damage typically occurs in the springtime. Something like a rainstorm in April can provide armyworms with everything that they need to start ruining your lawn. They feed off of grass and other vegetation, which can mean a destroyed lawn in a matter of days. However, because their damage usually has the appearance of a brown yard, it’s very easy for homeowners to mistake them for fungus or other lawn health issues.

You should also note that armyworms are the larval state of moths. They develop into moths approximately a month after their armyworm stage. Moths will come with a different set of damage issues for your property. Because armyworms are a yearly issue, the most impactful way to address them is with armyworm prevention in Spring from Modern Pest Control. For more information on armyworm control, call us today.

What You Ought To Know About Clothing Moths In Spring

If you’ve ever gone through your Spring closet only to find holes in your favorite clothes, then you might be dealing with a clothing moth infestation. These cream-colored winged pests actually start causing trouble when their larval counterparts invade your yard. Once they’ve developed into clothing moths, their aim is a little different. Clothing moths may look like peaceful butterflies, but they’re not. Clothing moths are lured by porch lights and find their way inside via every crack, crevice, and gap that your home has. They’re attracted to humid and dark spaces and feed off of fur coats, silk, wool, and a variety of other fabrics. It’s also important to note that the most effective way to prevent clothing moths is with professional help.

At Modern Pest Control, we have decades of experience providing clothing moth prevention in Spring. Each of our technicians is QualityPro-certified and adheres to Integrated Pest Management methods. What this means for your home is that you will be protected from these pests throughout the year. It also means that the methods and products that we use are safe for the entire household. We work to understand the interactions between pest biology and behavior as it plays out on your property. For more information on clothing moth control for your home, call us today.

Nine Easy Yet Effective Cockroach Control Tips For Spring Property Owners

Cockroaches of varying species can invade Spring properties with little or no notice. Once they’ve gained access to a home, cockroaches look for water sources and food, and they won’t leave so long as they have what they need. Cockroaches are a real threat, however, because of the health risks that they are affiliated with. Through their feces, saliva, and body parts, cockroaches can be the source of dysentery, diarrhea, E. coli infections, and salmonellosis. In order to keep these harmful pests away, try the following nine simple yet effective tips:

  1. Seal off all entry points to your property with materials like silicone-based caulk and weatherstripping. Pay special attention to the areas where a structure meets the ground.
  2. Keep trash bins stored securely and don’t allow bags of trash to overflow.
  3. Store pet food in sealed containers with tight, locking lids and ensure there are no food spills or debris in your pet's feeding area.
  4. Fix leaky downspouts and fixtures, while maintaining clear gutters.
  5. Try to limit food consumption to one room of the home to limit the spread of crumbs and spills.
  6. Shut off showers, sinks, and bathtubs completely after using them.
  7. Clean countertops after meal preparation and sweep up floors routinely to eliminate any additional food accumulation.
  8. Implement dehumidifiers in areas of a property that are particularly damp.
  9. Don’t be shy to ask for help from a trusted pest control expert. Professional cockroach prevention in Spring is the most effective way to address these pests.

For more information on cockroach control, call Modern Pest Control today.


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